Hair Transplants: Do you really get what you pay for?

How much should you spend on a hair transplant to guarantee a great result?

What we see in the mirror has a profound effect on how we feel about ourselves. We’ve all experienced the sensation at one time or another that appearance is everything, and chances are good your hair played a starring role.  

It’s no wonder that men and women around the world seek out hair transplants to improve their confidence. Where hair is concerned, we’re emotionally involved, and that isn’t restricted to a single tax bracket.

So how much do you need to spend on a transplant to expect good results?

How much do you need to spend on a hair transplant to get a great result? Is there a number that will guarantee you a fantastic result? 

The idea that you get what you pay for with a hair transplant (and plastic surgery in general) can be true… Surgery is not an area where you should bargain shop. 

But – like a lot of rules in life – that’s not the whole story.  

From budget procedures that promise results at $1000 dollars a pop to luxury experiences that can set you back upwards of $50,000 dollars, read on to find out what you’re likely to get at different hair transplant price points and – most importantly – what kind of a result you can expect. Whether you’re considering a hair transplant or simply curious, you’ve come to the right place. 


$1000 Hair Transplants

At the 1000$ price range, what can you expect?  

I have a no BS policy, so I won’t mince words. At this price point, you’re looking at a hair transplant performed overseas, likely in Turkey (the current plastic surgery and hair transplant hotspot). What can you realistically expect? Roughly 2000 grafts transplanted by FUE. For comparison, stateside you would expect to pay $7000-10,000 dollars for the same number of grafts (on average). 

If you’re on a tight budget, I can see where the temptation to travel comes in. But is it a good idea?

Like with any cosmetic procedure performed abroad, you need to know and understand what the process is if you suffer a complication (hospital, follow-ups, extra costs?). You also need to be aware that you could return home with work that needs improvement or fixing afterwards, potentially at a much higher cost. That’s not isolated to clinics overseas, but you need to be aware and understand what happens if you aren’t happy with the results.

Also keep in mind that if you’re already on a budget and have flights, hotels, and a surgery booked and paid for, you can inadvertently be more likely to take risks. It can be tempting to cross your fingers and hope for a good outcome, even if you’re still dealing with an underlying condition (such as scarring alopecia or uncontrolled diabetes) that would otherwise have you rescheduling. 

However, while there are inherent risks to travelling for surgery, you can get good results. But also understand that at this price point, you likely won’t be looking at exceptional results. It could be great, but it could also end up being more trouble than it’s worth. Proceed with caution. 


$5000 Hair Transplants

Even at the $5000 range, you’re likely still looking overseas. 

 I’ve got news for you – at $5000 for a hair transplant, you’re still looking at going overseas – but you’re likely getting a larger area filled with more grafts and/or a more expensive clinic. 

I won’t lie, I’ve seen some impressive work done at this price point from overseas clinics. Natural hairlines, impressive density, a well-planned design, and good surgical execution. 

The risks of travelling for surgery still apply (expensive to fix, complication support, etc.) along with an additional problem that accompanies more grafts – mega sessions. 

If you’re having a procedure done overseas, you’re likely doing one session due to travel cost and logistics. I’m not a fan of mega sessions (over 3000 grafts in one sitting) as they put added stress on the donor site, raise the risk of scarring, and increase the chance you could lose the transplanted hair. I prefer a more conservative pair of sessions performed a year apart.  

If you opt for a mega session performed overseas, you really want to understand what aftercare looks like, and you need to be aware of the risks that go along with undergoing one. 

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$7,500-10,000 Hair Transplant 

Welcome to Canada… 

At this price point you still may be travelling for a hair transplant, such as north of the border or to Europe, and you’re looking at fewer grafts than you’d get at the same price in Turkey – 1000 grafts (Canada) up to 5000 (Greece). You could also have an eyebrow transplant performed stateside. 

You can get a really nice hair transplant at this price point and expect excellent results. Lower-graft-number hair transplants at this price point really illustrate something that I say a lot – it’s not about just the number of grafts but where they’re placed and how they’re used

But all the cautions still apply. A price point is not a guarantee. You still need to find a good surgeon and do your research. 

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – it’s not just the number of grafts but where they’re placed and how they’re used. 

$25,000- 50,000 Hair Transplant

Don’t underestimate the power of FUT. If you have a large area to cover and need a high number of grafts, listen to your surgeon’s advice on the technique they recommend. 

If you have a large area to cover and require a high number of grafts, and want to stay in North America, then this is the price range you’re getting into. 

There’s also a good chance the surgeon will want to discuss the FUT technique (harvesting a strip of hair which is then dissected before grafts are transplanted) – and with good reason. With shorter hairstyles in fashion and the shift to FUE surgery, we sometimes forget that FUT has its place. FUT can generate an incredible yield of grafts, especially over multiple surgeries, and in some cases, it really makes the most sense. From a surgical standpoint, it’s incredibly important to choose the right technique for each individual case. FUT can be powerful, especially if you prefer longer hair styles and need density. 

In this price range, you can get a really exceptional hair transplant with impressive and natural improvements in density. To see examples of transplants at all the price points mentioned, visit our channel

Things to keep in mind at any price range 

  • A top tier price doesn’t guarantee top tier results.
  • Nor does a bargain guarantee disappointment. 
  • Medical therapy is recommended. If you haven’t explored medical therapy, you could be putting a hair transplant at any price range at risk. 
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  • A surgeon’s artistry and technique really count. Your head is a canvas, and you want your surgeon to craft a masterpiece.
  • Prioritize your safety. If you travel outside your country or hometown, have an aftercare and emergency plan. 
  • Hair texture and type matter. Curly hair types can get away with fewer grafts as the curl can cover more area.
  • Placement of the hairline and the choice of grafts matter. Look at your surgeon’s previous work.
  • Keep expectations in check. Make sure you understand what kind of density to expect.
  • Travel can net you a deal, but it always carries risks – and some aren’t obvious. Proceed with caution.  


Written by
Kristi Charish
Edited by
Dr. Gary Linkov
The content of this newsletter is for entertainment and educational purposes only. This content is not meant to provide any medical advice or treat any medical conditions. Patients must be evaluated by an appropriate healthcare provider on an individual basis and treatment must be tailored to meet that patient’s needs. Results and particular outcomes are not guaranteed.




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