How To Choose a Hair Clinic

How to choose a clinic

Getting an excellent result from your hair transplant depends on numerous factors, such as being consistent with your medical therapy before and after the surgery, following the aftercare instructions that your clinic advises, and communicating well with your surgeon. Going to a reputable clinic is important to ensure a comfortable experience and increased chances of great results.

What if my clinic allows young people to have hair transplants?

Allowing young patients to have a hair transplant is not necessarily bad. As long as a patient is over 18 years old, they are allowed to have a hair transplant if they are a candidate. Some people begin experiencing hair loss at a very young age, as early as 15 or 16 years old. By 19, some men already reach a six or seven on the Norwood Scale. 

Young patients can experience frontal scalp hair loss, and loss along the temples and the frontal-temporal corners. This makes them look older and can affect their confidence. 

What makes the procedure more difficult with a young patient is estimating how the hairline will look as the patient ages and the preservation of the donor area. Still, it does not mean surgery is not the right approach. As long as a patient has reached the age of consent, whether they are eligible for a hair transplant will depend on the stability of their hair and on their overall goals and expectations. 

My chosen clinic doesn't give medical therapy advice.

When you begin experiencing hair loss, you shouldn't immediately turn to hair transplant surgery. A sign of a good clinic is that your surgeon will work with you to discover the root of your hair loss and advise you on medications to help prevent further loss and restore the hair you've already lost. 

Medical therapy can be costly, but it is essential in most cases. Treating the cause of your hair loss will help you maintain your donor area, which you will need for further hair transplants as you age. It will also lessen hair loss in DHT-sensitive areas. Feel Confident is a skincare and haircare brand that provides medical treatment at affordable prices.


My surgeon wants to transplant a large number of grafts. 

Your surgeon wanting to extract and transplant a large number of grafts can be a cause for concern, and you might want to get a second professional opinion. This might seem counterintuitive. If you have thick hair at the back of your scalp while other areas have thinned out, why not fill them in as best as possible? This is partly because the donor area shouldn't be thinned out too early on since you can continue to experience hair loss after the surgery.

There are other benefits to transplanting a smaller number of grafts, such as the donor area healing better and the risk of shock loss being reduced. Many problems can be avoided with incremental procedures with a smaller number of grafts. For example, if you want to ultimately transplant 4000 grafts, it is better to have two procedures during which 2000 grafts are transplanted each time. Much safer that way than a Hail Mary attempt at success.

My chosen clinic is less expensive than others in the area.

Hair transplant surgery can be quite expensive. Some patients decide to do the surgery abroad to save money. Having your surgery abroad is fine, but make sure that the clinic is not drastically less expensive than others in the area. The price can indicate the quality of the service you will receive. Also make sure that they have your best interests in mind at all time.

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There aren't any available previous patient experiences from my chosen surgeon.

Even if the clinic you have chosen has all the right indicators, it is still crucial that you can read about or watch videos depicting experiences of previous patients, including seeing consistent before and after photos.

You can look for reviews about patient experiences, how well they were able to communicate with the surgeon, what pre-op and post-op consultations consisted of, and the artistic element of the surgeon's work. The artistic aspect of hair transplant surgery refers to how the hairline was designed, the overall direction and angulation of the hair, and the overall irregularity needed to create a natural appearance, among other factors.

What are the indicators of a reputable clinic?

Some indicators that you will have a great experience with your clinic may be:

  • Consultations with the surgeon to find the cause of and best treatment for your hair loss 
  • Prices that reflect skill and quality of work 
  • Plan for the surgery requires an appropriate number of grafts for your unique scenario 
  • High patient satisfaction 
  • Consistent photography with attention to lighting and head angles

Always do your due diligence before deciding on a clinic. 

The content of this newsletter is for entertainment and educational purposes only. This content is not meant to provide any medical advice or treat any medical conditions. Patients must be evaluated by an appropriate healthcare provider on an individual basis and treatment must be tailored to meet that patient’s needs. Results and particular outcomes are not guaranteed.

Written by Aleksandra Božović | Edited by Dr. Gary Linkov


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